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Gwulo meet-up Dec. 2017

Hello everyone, I think it is a good idea for Gwulo members to have a gathering before we all get busy for Christmas. How about happy hour drinks in Causeway Bay on Tue, 12th Dec.?

Good idea! I'm free that evening and will join you. Where do you have in mind to meet?

Regards, David

Thanks David! How about the Dickens Bar in the Excelsior Hotel in Causeway Bay? Is anyone else interested in the gathering?

Dickens Bar is good. Would 6:30 be ok?

Here's a photo to help spot me (though I'll leave the printer's sheet at home!), and if you can't see me my number is 9401-5251:

One printer's sheet for the new Gwulo Book
One printer's sheet for the new Gwulo Book, by Admin

Great. I look forward to seeing you.

see you guys at Dickens Bar

Big thanks to David and other Gwulo members who attended. I, for one, had a great time. I hope this will be happening on a more regular basis.