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Tregunter Mansions

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Tregunter Mansions

Forefront of Trugenter Mansions. My grandparents Marks-Groot lived in the part (the 6 arches) on the left. Photo between autumn 1926 and spring 1928.


These two photos are not Tregunter Mansions, the areas is too flat. It looks like a street in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, but I am unsure to its exact location. Hopefully Moddsey or some other Kowloon expert will be along shortly to identify its exact location:

Tregunter Mansions
Tregunter Mansions, by Jan Schultheiss


The lower photo shows the road is on a gentle incline, with the house in the background slightly higher. Looks like it could be TST, but not sure where.

Interesting photo to solve. Yes, agree that it looks like a street in TST given that the buidlings appear close to each other. 

Perhaps Carnarvon Road. It has a similar slope up to Kimberley.

My thought was either Cameron or Granville Road but I have not been able to find a 1920s photo of the area showing these buildings:

1924 Kowloon map - Quadrant 8
1924 Kowloon map - Quadrant 8, by annelisec