Beacon - Ma Jerk Leng (麻雀嶺墩臺) Wo Keng Shan summit (禾徑山) [????- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Beacon - Ma Jerk Leng (麻雀嶺墩臺) Wo Keng Shan summit (禾徑山) [????- ]

Location is approximate.  Will update the market if I have the chance for a site visit.  Google Earth showed a clear path upon its NE ridge.  As for the time being there are some photos and information in Chinese in Hong Kong Hiking Web, provided by JW and other fellow hikers.


Dear T,

Thank you for posting the location marker. To reach there, you can walk up along the carriageway at the hill bottom, no need to climb, it is quite a leisury walk and you will take about 45 mins to reach there. Now the beacon is surrounded by thick and tall grass so you may not be able to take a good picture of the overall profile. I would believe the British soldiers had used that as battery before.

Regards, JW