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Beacon - Wong Chuk Kok (temporary marker) [????- ]

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Please allow to err as I have never been there.  This location is among one of the most difficult location to reach owing the time needed to go there, and back, as well as no replenishments along the route whatsoever.  To play safe you have to make camp in the wild with sufficient water and ration.   There are some existing photos of the beacon on the Web presented by hikers.  I believe other beacons of the Qing Dynasty would like similar.  This is one of the five (or seven) in Hong Kong that was documented by books like 新安縣誌 or even older documents as shared by IDJ earlier.   One more photo taken by hikers out there earlier this month.

I went through another Hiker forum and noticed someone had found a beacon near the Tsuen Wan end of the Yuen Chuen Ancient Trail a few years ago.  I will try to mark it down later.

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Photos that show this place



I was there yesterday (1 June 2013), no idea what it is. There is a sign at this rock pile (Chinese only) stating that this is Ching dynasty era, dating back to 1668.

Interesting to read that this was some kind of beacon. I didn't know that.

It is along the trail if you hike to of from the Devil's Peak (we had a sampan from Wong Shek, hiked back to Wu Kau Tang). Actual location is added to my photo of the structure.

Wong Chuk Kok beacon