DBS War Memorial

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:23

War Memorial at Diocesan Boys' School:

To the memory of the Old
Boys who gave their lives in the
second world war 

Anderson, Donald Lyen, Edmund
Broadbridge, William Macaulay, James
Chan, Oswald Minhinett, John
Chin Fen, Warren Peters, William
Cunningham, Albert Prata, Manual
Edwards, Percy Prew, Albert
Fincher, Ernest Rathsam, Henry
Fisher, Edward Rapp, Fritz
Fox, Henry Reed, Edgar
Fox, Owen Reed, Francis
Frith, Victor Reed, Stephen
Gittins, William Reed, Arthur
Hall, Stephen Stone, William E.
Kotwall, James Weill, Leo
Kotwall, George White, William
Lee, Stanley Young, Edward
Leung, George Zimmern, Andrew
Litton, John Zimmern, Ernest
Lowcock, Henry Izatt, Samuel
Cox, Charles Martin, Francis
Cox, Richard Mogra, James
Dudley, James Schnapel, Frederick
Gutterres, J J Schuster, Fritz
Date picture taken
10 Jun 1949


Submitted by
Ana Shuster (not verified)
Mon, 07/04/2011 - 08:20


Once again thank you for this picture. Fritz Schuster - Edward Fritz Shuster - was my grandfather, who died as a POW in Nagoya Camp in 1944, where he died. I also know he died from an ulcer and peritonitis. That he is buried in Yokohama. Thanks to Tony Bantham, I managed to gather these pieces of information, but am still longing to find some more. I wish somebody could tell me more about him. I also know that he was in the HKVDC, that he studied in DBS and also in Melbourne (I have no idea where). His mother was Emma Legg(e), Euro-Asian. His father was Fritz Edward Shuster and worked and Taikoo Sugar Refinery. I think his grandfather was Jacob Fritz Shuster, married to Rebecca Lumsden. My grandfather had a first marriage to Alice Hing and a first chikd Edward Henry Shuster, my Uncle. Then he re-married to my grandmother. It seems quite a lot of information, but how can he accept having a life of someone so dear to us, limited to a short paragraph? It is something I cannot accept.

I appreciate all the help you can give me.

I have come across Jacob Fritz S(c)huster in the course of my researches and can add a small amount of extra detail. He worked at the Sailors' Home in West Point from 1874-1879. He was initially one of two Assistants, then in 1875 became the Steward. He had come from the Kowloon Hotel where he had previously worked as an Assistant according to the 1872 and 1873 jury lists. In both those lists his surname is spelled Schuster. The spelling varies. I note that his sugar refinery work began as an Assistant with the Lee Yuen Sugar Refinery in 1884. That became the China Sugar Refinery in 1885. In 1886 and 1887 he was Foreman at the refinery with his name again spelled Schuster, but by 1888 his name is no longer in the jury list under either spelling. I expect you've found the entry for his grave in Happy Valley that's on this, Gwulo, site http://gwulo.com/node/8739. It says that he died on 15.11.1887 aged 57, gives the name of his wife (Rebecca Lumsdon) and of two sons who had died young. In a court case in 1873 at which he was a witness (when his boss, Capt lgernon Overbury, the Superintendent of the Sailors' Home, was suing a newspaper editor for libel) he says, 'I was born in America and brought up in England...I was previously a steward aboard a ship'.