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Fritz Edward SHUSTER [1904-1944]

Fritz Edward
c.1904-11-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
Birthplace (country): 
Cause of death: 
Perforated Ulcer and peritonitis

Hi David!!

Thank you! I had seen those, but I didn't know about Butterfield & Swire. Meanwhile I found out that this Shuster family came from England although I don't know when (somewhere in the late 19th century). Jacob Fritz Shuster used to be a "Mariner" and, probably in one of his travels, decided that HK would be a nice place for them. I think that's where Edward Fritz met his wife Emma Legg and got married. From that marriage my grandfther was born - his name appears both as Edward Fritz and Fritz Edward, but I am betting on the last one, because my grandmother and his mother used to call him Fritz. 

One of the members of the family that also moved to Hong Kong was Alice Fritz Shuster (I believe, Edward Fritz sister).and her name also appears related to the Hong Kong dispensary. But that is all. Wonder what happend to her.

Fritz second marriage was to Elvira Cruz and had two children, Edwina and Michael. After he died as a POW, Elvira worked as Head of staff for the Hong Kong Hotel, Repulse Bay Hotel and Peninsula Hotel, before they moved to Portugal where my mother still lives.


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I found out today that my Great Grandmother was Alice Fritz Shuster and her father, was Jacob Fritz Shuster.

I came accross the comment that someone had wondered what had happened  to Edward Fritz's sister.

Alice married James Smith Hagen, who was a chemist at the Hong Kong Dispensory and had three children, Eustace, Gladys, (my Grandmother) and Walter.

She died shortly arriving back in England at the end of the war where she was under house arrest.

Dear Nickie,

Thank you so much for the update on the Shuster's family.

Fritz Edward Shuster was my great-grandfather on my mother's side - so, I guess that from what you told me, we are acquainted, which is great to hear! :)