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In front of Braemar Terrace photo taken 1934, ' I'm the king of the castle' ! When living at number 7, I was playing 'Catch' with my older brother Eric and he closer a glass door on my approach and my right hand and arm went through it! I recall being rushed to the hospital at Causeway Bay with a towel full of blood and being on the operating table for stitches. To this day, the scars are still evident, one of my nine lives! I saw whirlpools when the chloroform was being administered.


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Remember going to Robby Hutshinson's Birthday party there, 1952/3.

Stepped off a garage roof, cut my chin badly and was whisked off home to North Point.

A plaster was administered and a small brandy proscribed! I pronounced the brandy horrible to which my dad replied "you won't say that when your'e 18"! Happy days eh?

I heard Ribbie was killed in a car crash in the UK early '60's. Can anyone confirm this, or not??

Regards Harry P