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Recently added photos of old Hong Kong

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1938: Wesselingh family archives: Xiamen (Amoy) bronze bowl, found 1938

1929: Hong Kong View (3).jpg

1929: Hong Kong View (2).jpg

1929: Hong Kong view1.jpg

2017: Castle Peak Power Station

1990: The unit prepares for nighttime patrol - 1990

1995: One of the unit's fast pursuit craft (FPC)

1991: A daai fei sinks during a chase

1990: The author with a seized daai fei.

1991: A burnt-out daai fei and vehicle.

1990: A daai fei with stolen vehicle cargo

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: 15736872083558000855196666272409.jpg

: 15736872283553389571984452854070.jpg

: 15736872537191265734365529842909.jpg

: 15736859071902745482396225068139.jpg

: A Small Band of Men in Bookazine

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: 15736059735253076221668462206333.jpg

: 15735993697322722303694165505140.jpg

1946: 15735990257911109674729800879534.jpg

1900: 36CE7112-6504-4376-B99B-C578C7B224BA.jpeg

2019: Map for the new Volume 3

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: 15735163291134941267250975037639.jpg