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Recently added photos of old Hong Kong

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1961: Little Sai Wan b

1961: police parade.

1961: policeman on traffic duty Ice House Street.

1961: vehicle ferry.

1960: after shore leave.

1960: HMTS Nevasa.

2016: Barbara

2016: Barbara with the Bellises

: Manasseh Nat Rakusen

: Sister Rita with Orphans

: Sr Rita Gardner

1916: William Gardner Family Circa 1916

: Sr St Jean Gardner

: Sr St Jean with school kids

1916: Rosario and Carlos

: Carlos Augusto António Gardner

: Julia Maria Gardner

: The Gardner sisters

: Cecilia Gardner da Silva

1890: William Frederick Gardner

1890: William Gardner Family Circa 1890s

1936: 1930s Gap Road Funeral Procession

1926: 1920s Aberdeen

1936: 1930s Royal Naval Hospital Entrance

1958: 1958 Junction of Hennessy Road and Arsenal Street