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Recently added photos of old Hong Kong

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1939: View from Lantau Mountain Camp with Tung Chung village below

1939: View from Silver Mine Bay towards Lantau Mountain Camp

1939: Swimming Pool - Lantau Camp

1939: View over Silver Mine Bay from Lantau Mountain Camp

1939: Lantau Mountain Camp

1968: HSBC_ID_Card.jpg

1846: View of Sai Wau Looking East

1969: taikoo dock 1969

: Stanley cantonment.jpg

: Cheong Hing.jpg

2012: 2010s Comet Tank

2013: Mohan's Building gone

1963: 1963 The Mandarin Hotel = 文華酒店

1950: Kai Tak-Japanese Control tower & Operations complex

2017: Carnarvon Road

1986: 1986 Hunghom dock

1955: Kai Tak-Japanese-Operations building on a mound

1899: HMS FAME & crew-Hong Kong

1899: HMS FAME embarking troops from HMS TERRIBLE

2018: Possible gas lamp post on Yu Po Lane East

2019: Gas lamp post on the grounds of Jamia Mosque

1966: 1966 TST Carnarvon/Hanoi Road

: FB_IMG_1579330567957.jpg

: 5903CHB03.jpeg

1962: 1962 Junction of Granville and Carnarvon Roads