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During the week I called in to Wattis Fine Art to see their current exhibition. On the left as you walk in to their gallery, there's a 1946 poster of the Tiger Balm Gardens.

Tiger Balm Garden.jpg


Two Chinese-style bridges at centre-left caught my eye:

Bridges east of Tiger Balm Gardens


They're outside the gardens, so my first reaction is that the bridges came from the artist's imagination, adding a bit of interest to an otherwise dull section of the poster. But recent conversations about the three pavilions on the hillside above the gardens reached the conclusion they were built as an extension to the gardens, even though they're outside the gardens' land. So, did these bridges actually exist too?


Another recent topic on Gwulo popped up at the end of the exhibition, in this map of the New Territories drawn by R C Hurley in 1925:

New Territories 1925


Here's a closer look at the area I was interested in. The Kowloon reservoirs are at bottom right, above them is the text 'TUNNELS', and a dashed line to the left shows the tunnels' route.

Tunnels Kowloon 1925


On a hike last year I passed this channel, with water flowing out from a large pipe and into a nearby tunnel:

Channel leading to the water tunnel under Smugglers Ridge


Further investigation showed it was the entrance to the North Tunnel, part of the project to bring water from the Shing Mun Valley to the Kowloon reservoirs, and one of the tunnels shown on Hurley's map. It might seem an odd item to get such a prominent mention, but the tunnels were being built as the map was drawn (the North Tunnel was completed in 1926), and Hong Kong's frequent water shortages meant the project was big news.


Those are just two items from either end of the exhibition. In the middle there's lots more to see, with a selection of rare prints and photos of old Hong Kong to enjoy. If you'd like to visit, don't wait too long as the exhibition closes on December 3rd: exhibition highlights, address, and opening hours.










A couple of mystery photos to start with. If you recognise their location, please click on the photo to visit their page and leave a comment there to let us know.

New Apartments, circa 1964, by Archives Branch, USMC History Division


15HKG Scouts Outing, c1950, 1
15HKG Scouts Outing, c1950, 1, by 15th HKG Scout



The Prince inspects the 102nd Grenadiers., Hong Kong
The Prince inspects the 102nd Grenadiers., Hong Kong,
by The Prince of Wales' Eastern Book


Ming Sing 明聲 Balance L.jpg
Ming Sing 明聲 Balance L.jpg, by OldTimer


Aberdeen floating restaurants-1949-001
Aberdeen floating restaurants-1949-001, by IDJ


1967 Tai Pak and Aberdeen Harbour
1967 Tai Pak and Aberdeen Harbour, by tony clark


Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter 1972.jpg
Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter 1972.jpg, by PaulO


Star House.jpg
Star House.jpg, by PaulO


1961 Central Queen's Rd C, by Eternal1966


1938 TAMAR'S LAST VOYAGE-HK Telegraph, by IDJ


Penthouses in new block of flats-HK Telegraph
1938 Penthouses in new block of flats-HK Telegraph, by IDJ


1869 HMS Galatea Hong Kong Harbour.jpg
1869 HMS Galatea Hong Kong Harbour.jpg, by PaulO


Gate of Public Gardens.jpg
Gate of Public Gardens.jpg, by danielwettling


Sheik Ally Gravestone
Sheik Ally Gravestone, by Ben Stables


Laundry Day in Kowloon Over Paint Spraying Company,
circa 1964, by Archives Branch, USMC History Division


Crowded Street Corner, Hong Kong, circa 1964,
by Archives Branch, USMC History Division


Business Street, Aberdeen Harbor, circa 1964,
by Archives Branch, USMC History Division


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