New Apartments, circa 1964 (=ELCHK lutheran secondary school)

Sat, 11/20/2021 - 04:29

location unknown

Date picture taken


The buidling on the hill is the current ELCHK Lutheran  Secondary School. Built in 1964 at 52 Waterloo Road. See here The water pipe leads to the Yau Ma Tei Serviice Reservoir. Not sure if the old building at the bottom was water works related.

The 1920 map shows two small buildings at the foot of the hill, one labeled tank, the other mortuary.

In the Hong Kong Government Report for 1880 it is referred that a mortuary chapel was to be erected for the protestant cemetery.

In 1940, the Government Gazette refers:

No. 633.—It is notified for general information that as from 1st June, 1940, the Kowloon Death Registration Office has been transferred from Kowloon Mortuary compound, Waterloo Road, to the Tsim Sha Tsui Health Centre (old Central British School), (Telephone No. 50500). 

Not sure but the 1965.1 map in I think reads Kowloon Disinfecting Station. Mention is made of the Station in item 45 of the 1904 Public Works Report and item 42 of the 1905 Public Works Report respectively..