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Thomas Naughton MACREYNOLDS [1883-1954]

Thomas Naughton
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Mr McReynolds either lived next door to 19 Broadwood Terrace in 1926 or next door to 19 Broadwood Road. He also owned a monkey. He is not on Carl Smith nor on the Jurors Lists. It would be useful to verify his actual address in order to confirm the whereabouts of my grandmother, Hannah Warren in 1926, apparently bitten by McReynolds's monkey in one newspaper report. A second newspaper report gave the victim as her daughter-in-law, Cicely Warren and the location Broadwood Road, not Broadwood Terrace. 


Passenger List London to Hong Kong January 1921

Mrs Victoria MacReynolds age 30 country of future permanent residence Hong Kong

Patricia MacReynolds 4 months

Victoria I M MacReynolds age 37 buried 16 September 1923 Hong Kong Cemetery

Passenger List London to Australia/New Zealand 1931

Thomas N MacReynolds 48 accountant

Patricia M MacReynolds 10

Thank you for looking up records for the McReynolds. Maybe there is something in the newspapers about poor Mrs McReynolds's death.

I did a bit more searching. Thomas N MacReynolds might be your mystery man.

UK Birth Index Patricia M N MacReynolds born Paddington 21 August 1920 mother's mn Crossley. Patricia died in 1989 in Sacramento US

Marriage  Index UK Thomas N MacReynolds married Victoria I Crossley in 1919 in Paddington           

Passenger List 1928 London to Singapore

Thomas N MacReynolds 45 accountant

1946 Gisborne East Cape New Zealand

Thomas Naughton MacReynolds PWD Camp Cattle Creek (?Prisoner of War Displacement Camp)

Thank you for spending more time on our mystery man. Now all we need is his true address in Hong Kong!

If his wife's death was recorded in a newspaper then you might learn more.

I'm hoping so. I'm having difficulty with mmis at the moment. My gut feeling is that a single man with violent monkey doesn't quite gel with the big family houses at the top of Broadwood Road. 

The 1922 Jurors List,, lists Thomas Naughton MacReynolds, Assistant, Asiatic Petroleum Co. Ltd.,  living at 18 Broadwood Road.

I was wrong. 18 Broadwood Road was indeed an Asiatic Petroleum house. So, as eurasian_david concluded, the bitten victim was my uncle's wife, Cicely Warren and not my grandmother, Hannah Warren, who was last recorded as sending a family wreath from all the Warrens for a funeral in 1925, but even that may not be a firm proof of her presence in Hong Kong. Thank you everyone for a wonderful Gwulo team effort!

The Hong Kong Daily Press captures the funeral of Mrs McReynolds on 18 September 1923. Her death occurred on Broadwood Road. See here 

As, like David, I now find several entries for Mr MacReynolds in the jurors lists, I think I must have misspelt his name as McReynolds rather than MacReynolds when I entered it in the Search window.

Thanks moddsey. The page deigned to open for me today! Double confirmation of Broadwood Road as the MacReynolds home.

Attestation Canadian  Record WWI  1 July 1915

Thomas Naughton MacReynolds. He gave date of birth as 18 December 1883

Apparent age 31 years 6 months. Height 6 feet one and a quarter inches. Dark complexion, blue eys, brown hair. Religion Protestant

Find a Grave Australia and New Zealand

Thomas Naughton MacReynolds Birth date 1884 New Zealand  Death Date 30 May 1954 Opunake, South Taranaki District, Taranaki, New Zealand

NzBDM Marriages: 1905/5932 Margaret Gunn & Thomas Naughton MacReynolds

Thank you. I've edited his details. Good to have everything correct now.