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Book News

Have you spotted any mistakes in Volume 4 of my books?

We're getting ready to reprint as we're down to the last box of books, and I'll use this chance to tidy up any typos, etc. I know of one correction that's needed on page 33, but please let me know if you've noticed any others.


Bob Tatz has published a second edition of his memoir, Lost in the Battle for Hong Kong.


Bookazine have a promotion this weekend offering 15% off books in their online store, including all four of Gwulo's books:







1950s HSBC
1950s HSBC, by LSmall


Mollie and Carolyn Blake, 560 The Peak, 1952.
Mollie and Carolyn Blake, 560 The Peak, 1952., by Chris Potter


Cornwall Avenue 1972
Cornwall Avenue 1972, by bbeatle1


Bonaventure entering HK2.jpg
HMS Bonaventure entering HK in 1945, by Unknown


Argyle Street Barracks with Kowloon Hospital beyond
Argyle Street Barracks with Kowloon Hospital beyond, by Admin


plague_inspectors._hong_kong_china._1894, by PictureMation


1935 Peninsula, by 2ik7ns-AW_


1935 Pedder Street, by 2ik7ns-AW_


HK Paradea.JPG
HK Paradea.JPG, by 2ik7ns-AW_


1937 Coronation Illuminations - Supreme Court
1937 Coronation Illuminations - Supreme Court, by Moddsey


1966 landslide on Peak Road by the petrol station, by LSmall


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