Barker Road Houses 1931 and 2017

Sat, 04/10/2021 - 18:00

Top: Barker Road Houses 1931 (annotated)

Bottom: own photo from 2017

Both were taken from Lugard Road. Due to the trees only a part of the houses are visible on the 2017 photo. Following is a list of houses that were built on the same lot. Almost 90 years between the two photos is a long period for Hong Kong's development, therefore none of the 1931 buildings still exist (except Victoria Hospital Maternity Block which is not shown on the 2017 photo). Some of the houses shown are third generation already


year 1931

year 2017


Cragside Mansion


Altadena House

Richmond House (1st gen.)

Richmond Houses A-D

RBL 155

Severn Villa

455, The Peak RBL 150

(New) Falconridge


37 Barker Road

Tai Wo

41 Barker Road (Barker Villa)


Haking Mansion

The Cottage

not visible (under demolition)

Barker Road Tram Station

Barker Road Tram Station


Glenshiel - Epworth Lodge


Date picture taken
1 Oct 2017