Possible K.T.I.L. Marker Stone at Hong Ning Road, Kwun Tong [????- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Possible K.T.I.L. Marker Stone at Hong Ning Road, Kwun Tong [????- ]

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I spotted this earlier today.  The engraving is very faint and being painted over.  I was unable to read it very clearly.  I have to go back there in broad day light again later.

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Is there a picture of the stone? Have you been there again?

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It seems I have forgotten about this one altogether.  As my office moved to Kowloon Bay more than a year ago, I seldom go this way these days.  Street View seems to show at least one such stones.

According to Geoinfo Map, it might be KTIL 183 at the door on left hand side, and KTIL 362 on the right.


No offence but I just find it funny that someone replyed to you post 12 years later and you managed to reply :)

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I tend to believe this kind of things occurs fairly regularly here.  We may just be busy in our own ways.  We may pick up old thread and update it.


there's a whole bunch of us still here from the batgung days - more than 10 years ago now - so it's not unexpected that afew of us are still around that have posts going back even as far as 2007/8 and earlier (caveat: I've forgotten when batgung became gwulo - was it 2008?)

Honestly, there is nothing funny if old threads are replied to. It happens regularly when newcomers come onto the website to request more information on subjects that interest them. 

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Whenever I plan to visit a place, I'd try to check the map here to see if something of interest is around.

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Been there at around dusk yesterday.  Still unable to read the stone.  There are actually two identicale stones.  One on Hong Ning Road, the other on Tung Ming Street at its back.  The are identical gateways on both sides and the stones are on the gateways.  Suspect the stones were for a previous lot which had already expired as the Gateways don't seem to be part of the existing building.  One of the stones ended with a 3 while the other is simply unable to read.

On the other hand, GeoInfo Map showed the current lots along Hong Ning Road\Tung Ming Street are in sequence.  The gateways is sitting between KTIL 471 & KTIL 472.


tung_ming_street_2021.jpg, by tngan