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Looking for information about:

  • Thomas LOUDON [c.1863-1889], a policeman from Scotland
  • Hung Chiu KAN [????-????] (& 30-32 Des Voeux Road Central in 1920s)
  • This photo shows Andrew Chan, who was with the BAAG in WW2. Can anyone recognise any other people, or the event? There's a Flying Tigers logo on the back wall.
    Andrew Chan with 315th Flying Tigers(?) Chindits(?)
    Andrew Chan with 315th Flying Tigers(?) Chindits(?), by Felix Chanduloy


Memories of:



Gwulo prints on display

This time last year, local customer Mike W ordered a set of prints from Gwulo. He's kindly sent along this photo to show the finished result.

Gwulo prints on display

With the purchase of a condo in Thailand, I had a large, blank wall that needed filling.   An idea gradually unfolded:  why not display historical black and white photos of HK.  After all, my wife and I have lived and worked in the territory for some 20 years and are rather attached to the place.  After some research it seemed to me that David Bellis had the best readily available selection from which to choose.  With his help and guidance, I selected around 30 for printing at sizes varying from 24x10 and 20x16 through 15 and down to 10 inches.  A few weeks later, we met up for a personal delivery of the prints on high quality 310gsm archival photo rag paper.  These I supplemented with a small number of additional prints from various other sources. 

The next step was to hand carry them to Thailand for framing by a local framer.  In the event, I finally chose 24 of the combined set for display.  What a fabulous result.  All are attached to the wall with 3M Command Strips.  

David is a delight to deal with and offers a truly excellent service.  His Gwulo website is jam-packed full of fascinating historical facts about the scenes depicted.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.  

Mike W, Hong Kong, 2018

I don't usually get to see how Gwulo's prints look after framing, so thanks to Mike for the photo of this impressive display. 

If you'd like to see some of Gwulo's prints, a reminder that several are on display at the free exhibition of old HK photos at CUHK. That finishes at the end of February, so don't wait too long if you're planning to visit.

And if you think your walls might look better with a photo of old Hong Kong, please visit the catalogue to see what's available.










1960s Wanchai Open Market
1960s Wanchai Open Market, by Moddsey


Stonecutters MFQ 1_1363 1902.JPG
Stonecutters MFQ 1_1363 1902.JPG, by National Archive UK Ref: MFQ/1/1363


Halloween party..KJS 1957.jpg
Halloween party..KJS 1957.jpg, by mike cussans


Andrew Chan BEM medal
Andrew Chan BEM medal, by Felix Chanduloy


Sennet Freres Jewellers
Sennet Freres Jewellers, by Seemex


Traffic policeman.
Traffic policeman., by Trevor Evans


Central waterfront.
Central waterfront., by Trevor Evans


Ewo Mess
Ewo Mess, by eternal1966e on flickr


1928 Star Theatre, by Eternal1966


Marine office
Marine office, by Tom Eaves


28 Sqdn Bar Flying Horse.
28 Sqdn Bar Flying Horse., by John Douglas


Empire Fowey.
Empire Fowey., by Frank Curzon


Part Plan of Hong Kong Cantonment
Part Plan of Hong Kong Cantonment, by National Archive UK Ref: MFQ/1/1050


x BOAC ticket.
x BOAC ticket., by Bruce Deadman


11 Magazine Gap Road Ruin
11 Magazine Gap Road Ruin, by Herostratus


Tai Po Market c.
Tai Po Market c., by Bruce Deadman


Tai Po Kau
Tai Po Kau, by Bruce Deadman


Squatters' shacks above North Point b.
Squatters' shacks above North Point b., by Bruce Deadman


1930s Bowrington Canal
1930s Bowrington Canal, by Moddsey


Roxy cinema.
Roxy cinema., by Bruce Deadman


TaiTamForkBatteryShelters.jpg, by Patrick Brousseau


Interior of Pillbox 107 at Pak Shui Wan
Interior of Pillbox 107 at Pak Shui Wan, by BattleshipTyson


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