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Norman DARKIN [1901-????]



Did you also meet Norman Darkin?  His wife, Marie, was evacuated to Sydney. She went on a later ship as she had just given birth to their 3rd child, a daughter.

Barbara Anslow:

I only knew Mr Darkin by sight in camp.  I wonder if he had a son, as I have a memory of my husband and I attending a HKPolice Assn. weekend in UK some twenty-odd years ago, when we sat at the same table as a fellow whose Dad had been in Stanley, I think he was a Darkin.

HO Lim-peng:

Yes Mr. Darkin had a son, he served in the RHKP for many years


Yes, one of his son's served in the RHKP for many years.  Norman and Marie Darkin had two sons and a daughter.  Marie and the three children were on an evacuation ship to Australia.  But they left on a later evacuation ship in 1941 - as Marie gave birth to her daughter just when the first ship left. Marie and my mother were French - and she was my Godmother.


Indeed,one son-Richard Eric Darkin,served with distinction in the HKP/RHKP circa 1960s-1990s period....awarded the Colonial Police Medal I circa 1982.

Norman and Marie were my grandparents. They had 3 children - Alex ( my father ) Eric , who sadly passed away 2017 in Spain , and Yvonne. Alex lives in Auckland and Yvonne in Kerikeri, New Zealand.

I remember my Grandmother talking fondly of the Brooks family.


W.N. Darkin served in the Hong Kong Police and at the time of the Japanese invasion was a Sub-Inspector attached to CID Central.

William Norman Darkin,b 24.01.1901      enlisted HKP 19.8.1923 as  A 140

Lance Sgt 1924     Water Police 1926    Sgt 1931      Sub Insp 12.2.1937    1941  CID Central   Awarded Colonial Police LSM 6.9.1941 as Inspector     15.8.1945 as Adjutant,Police Reserve   Awarded CPM G/N 713/47.Retired to NZ 1952


Thank you for this information-my grandfathers DOB was 21 April 1901 not as above . 

I believe the Richard Eric Darkin referred to above may have been married to my aunt Dorothy. She died in the early 70's at the Matilda Hospital on Hong Kong Island but was married at to a Rick Darkin who was an RHKP Superintendent in Kowloon znd they were living in Broadcast Drive at that time. They had two sons at the time Angus and Rodney who would be my cousins and I think he remarried after my aunt's death (contact with our side of the family ended at this point). I only met my aunt once and am having some trouble tracking down any records for her after her departure for New Zealand from the UK in 1953. I had been unable to find any listings for the Darkin family prior to seeing this post. Thank you for post as I now know a little bit more. Possibly that suzannejohnstone may be my cousins cousin?

I am Dorothy's youngest son Rodney.  Now known as Mike.  My name was changed in 1972 (long story).  I am now retired havong served 32 years in the Police in Dorset, UK.  Happy to get in contact.