Harperville, 9 Garden Road [????- ]

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The address appears in the 1894 Jurors List, and Annelise has found several references to it:

1. There is a listing as early as 1885 for Mrs. B and Miss Shepherd, "Harperville"

2. 1905 Jurors lists shows

"Knox, Lefferts  ..  China Mutual Insurance, Harperville, Robinson Road

3. In 1914, his [Noel Croucher] address was 9 Garden Road, known either as Harperville or Harper's Villa, owned by Li Tsze- chiu and managed by J.H. Seth.  this too apears to have been a boarding house or bachelor's mess. [or "private hotel" perhaps - Annelise]

The quest of Noel Croucher: Hong Kong's quiet philanthropist
 By Vaudine England

4. The 1919 Ladies Directory shows the Misses Graca at Harperville, 9 Garden Road

I'm not sure of the location, so I haven't put a marker on the map. I'm guessing it may have been one of the buildings up the slope and across the road from The Albany.


Hong Kong Daily Press, September 10, 1874, Page 1:

To Let

No.7 Garden Road, known as "Harperville," occupied by J. M. Walters, Esq.

Apply to David Sassoon, Sons, & Co.

1362 Hongkong, 1st September, 1874