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Dorothy Margaret Georgina WHEELER (née PILE) [1904-1934]

Dorothy Margaret Georgina
c.1904-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
Birthplace (country): 
c.1934-02-20 (Day is approximate)
Cause of death: 

She appears in the cemetery record (along with her infant son Peter). 

What I am seeking is her marriage to Allan Wheeler around 1920-23. I have had a formal search done by the records office for St Andrews Church, which my mother (her daughter) believed to be the place, but with no result. I have checked the cathedral transcriptions on this site, and they are not in that. What I don't know, therefore, is which church — and I don't know which churches were there in the 1920s, nor whereabouts they lived.


Siblings of Dorothy Margaret Georgina WHEELER (née PILE) [1904-1934]


7 October 1922 at St. Andrew's Church. Please see here  A tutorial on looking up local newspapers can be found here

Thank you very much indeed for locating this. 

Peter, I've added a page for Dorothy's father under your account (see

We've got pages for several other people surnamed Pile ( Please do you know if any of them were related to your grandmother?

I have updated this from what we know here. Two of those Piles were brothers of Dorothy; they were my mother's uncles,and she always believed both were in the HK police, but apparently only Christopher was. Their grandfather (Florence Edith Entwhistle Bond's father) was John Maddison Bond, which is presumably where Thomas Pile got his middle name. We have no information on Jean.

Birth 9 May 1904 Hong Kong Death 23 February 1934 Hong Kong

Despite the newspaper report of my grandmother's marriage (thank you so much, moddsey), the HK Registry Office have sent back my official application for a search to find the record, with the note "No record found". 

I don't know if this means the record book is missing (destroyed?) or if the marriage (which clearly took place, St Andrew's, Kowloon, on 1922-10-07) was never registered with the civil authority.

As I am working at a distance here (Ireland) I would appreciate advice on where to look next, and whether there is a formal mechanism for the reinstatement of a missing record by way of a sworn affidavit and lodgment of the evidence (as exists in some other places).

St Andrew's or the Registry Office were the right places to look, so I'm out of ideas...

There is a general "Ask the government" page at where they'll route a question to the right department, so you could try asking there about the reinstatement. Please let us know what you discover, to help anyone else in the same situation.

Thanks very much for the suggestion. I have submitted a request about how to reinstate a record, so we'll see if it gets directed to anyone who can answer it. I also wrote to the Registry asking if they knew the reason the entry was not found (eg were the registers for 1922 destroyed in the war, or by fire, or what).