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The new Volume 2 books were delivered on Tuesday last week, and I'm happy to see they've turned out well. At first glance this looks like last year's photo:

Boxes - front


5 x 4 boxes of 50 books = 1,000 books. But then ...

Boxes - side


Looking at them end-on you can see we've doubled the size of the print run to 2,000 copies. Last year we had to reprint after just a few months, so it seemed a good idea to print more. Fingers crossed we don't end up with a flat full of unsold books!

We set straight to work on packing and mailing out the books.



I don't know what the postman had for breakfast last week, but several of the books we mailed on Tuesday arrived at customers in England on Friday - that must be a record!

The next job was to get the books to the bookstores, starting with our local bookstore, Bleak House Books. I guarantee you'll never stumble upon their shop by accident - they're on the 27th floor of an office building in San Po Kong - but they're well worth the effort to pay a visit. It's a cosy place to be, and packed full of new and second-hand books! Here I am signing books to go on their shelves. Now they have both volumes in stock:

The new Volume 2 at Bleak House Books

We've also made deliveries to Bookazine and Commercial Press, so the new book will be on their shelves soon as well.







  • There's a free exhibition of old Hong Kong photos on at the CUHK library that is worth a visit.
  • An ex oil-painter-for-export describes their experience making the paintings that now hang on the walls of many people who've visited Hong Kong.
  • A key part of the wartime diaries is Brian Edgar's Chronology, where he summarises key events, and adds his analysis. He writes "I've completely re-written the sections of the Stanley Camp Chronology that deal with Franklin Gimson's actions after the Japanese surrender - from August 18th to September 1st 1945. Further research has persuaded me that the usual account of these events, which I had previously accepted, is based on unreliable sources...". Brian paints a picture that is quite different from the usual simplistic "Gimson leaves camp and re-establishes British control". Well worth reading.
  • Barbara Anslow's Tin Hats & Rice is back in stock again, ready for delivery worldwide.




1905 Ah-King Slipway Advert
1905 Ah-King Slipway Advert, by Moddsey


building.jpg, by schultie


Kowloon_Feb_1926.jpg, by schultie


Lyemun camp Driver Crocker arrives b.
Lyemun camp Driver Crocker arrives b., by Brian Burch


Kai Tak Nissens in the wet.
Kai Tak Nissens in the wet., by Brian Burch


policeman on traffic duty Ice House Street.
policeman on traffic duty Ice House Street., by David Bridgeman


police parade.
police parade., by David Bridgeman


Sister Rita with Orphans
Sister Rita with Orphans, by rudanenberg


Weddding couple 2.jpeg
Weddding couple 2.jpeg, by brianwindsoredgar


Circular Blockhouse
Circular Blockhouse, by HT Wong on flickr


HMTS Empire Halladale Singapore to Hong Kong 1951
HMTS Empire Halladale Singapore to Hong Kong 1951, by Boyd, Chris (1951-52)


Street 4.3
Street 4.3, by Bodel, (Paddy) Geoff (1958-59)


Shek O a.
Shek O a., by Bodel, (Paddy) Geoff (1958-59)


Windsor House
Windsor House, by uwm


1956 Riots - Garden Bakery
1956 Riots - Garden Bakery, by Moddsey


People hauling cart
People hauling cart, by john.brewer


Tai Po Market 1956.
Tai Po Market 1956., by Ball, Ted (1953-57)


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