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Victoria Harbour and The Peak circa..1875?

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Victoria Harbour and The Peak circa..1875?
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1875


This postcard was found in the family photo shoebox, there's nothing written on the back but we believe it is from around 1875. An ancestor, Charles Boreham was a juror in Hong Kong in 1884 when he was a 'manager of refreshment rooms' in Holywood Rd. We have a photograph of what we believe to be Charles Boreham taken in Shanghai on or before 8 October 1874. Charles arrived in Asia as a seaman on the HMS Casmus on/around 27 June 1873. Any related information would be gratefully received!


1. Carl Smith Collection at the Public Records Office


2. Hong Kong Government Reports Online

a. 1894 - Mr. Charles Boreham was appointed custodian of the Wongneichung Recreation Ground from 1st March


b. 1896 - The following Officers have left the service of this department:

Mr. C. Boreham, custodian of the Wongneichong Recreation Ground


c. 1903
Botanical and Afforestatin Department

The donors of animals were:

Coreham, c. - Musk Deer


The view shown may have been painted in 1875, but whoever bought the postcard probably bought it much later. I can't remember seeing picture postcards of Hong Kong from before the early 1900s.

Do you know when Charles Boreham left Hong Kong?

If you can scan and show us the back of the postcard, we may be able to give a better date for when it was made. (It doesn't need writing, as long as there is printing on the back).

Regards, David

Hi Nigel,

I was in St Michael’s Catholic Cemetery in Hong Kong yesterday, visiting my grandfather’s grave. My grandfather’s company, C.E. Warren & Co. Ltd. supplied monumental masonry and I was looking out for the company imprint, C.E.W. & Co. Ltd. on nearby graves, when I spotted it on that of your ancestor, Charles Boreham and of his wife, Maria and her family, the Cordeiros.  Charles died in Hong Kong in 1921 at the venerable age of 82. I suppose I should apologise on behalf of the company that his name is wrongly spelt! I couldn’t get the whole grave in one frame, but I have put the photos of the two halves of the grave in the “Cemeteries” gallery. It seems that the original gravestone was erected in 1919 for Thebaldo Cordeiro and that Maria’s inscription was added in 1925. I surmise that the horizontal stone was added in 1921 to record Charles’s death and to commemorate earlier Cordeiros at the same time. The two 1953 inscriptions are not the work of C.E. Warren & Co. as the company was wound up in 1941. I see that your enquiry was seven years ago and hope that you see this late response.