Elizabeth Ada TEBBUTT / MCCAFFERY (née HINDMARSH, aka Betty) [1910-1984] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong
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Elizabeth Ada TEBBUTT / MCCAFFERY (née HINDMARSH, aka Betty) [1910-1984]

Elizabeth Ada
Tebbutt / McCaffery
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She isn't mentioned in John Black's list.

She is shown on the Hong Kong War Diary website as Nurse ND120 in the nursing detachment of the HKVDC.



She is listed in the Camp Log (held at the Imperial War Museum). She was born 2 February 1910. She was billeted in A3/33 (American Quarters) following the American repatriation. She was married to Henry Jemson Tebbutt a Lieutenant in HKVDC. In civilian life, he had been an Architect.  

Born as Elizabeth Ada Hindmarsh 2 February 1910 Lambeth UK

Died as Elizabeth Ada MCCAFFERY 16 April 1984 Malage Spain

War Office: Directorate of Prisoners of War: Prisoners of War Lists, Second World War, 1943-1945 Henry James Tebbutt (sic)  Lieutenant Prisoner of War Hong Kong 1941

Elizabeth Ada Hindmarsh born 1910 Lambeth and birth registered in the first quarter of 1910 She was baptised 29 May 1910 at Emmanuel Church West Dulwich

Could she be "Betty"? 

1920 Henry Jemson (sic) Tebbutt b 1893 architect travelled from London to Hong Kong

From the civil index Henry James (sic) Tebbutt married Elizabeth A Hindmarsh 1932 Edmonton

From the original marriage certificate 9 November 1932 at St. James Muswell Hill Henry Jemson Tebbutt age 39 bachelor architect married Elizabeth Ada Hindmarsh age 22 spinster both of 33 Summerland Mews Muswell Hill N 10

1932 Henry J Tebbutt (sic) age 39 architect and Elizabeth A Tebbutt age 22  travelled from London to China

1935 Elizabeth Tebbutt age 25 and Alice L Hindmarsh age 49 (her mother) travelled from Hong Kong to London

1939 Mr H J Tebbutt and Mrs E A Tebbutt travelled from London to Hong Kong

1946 Henry Jemson (sic) Tebbutt architect travelled from London to Hong Kong

1948 Henry Jemson Tebbutt gave his married status as single

Possible re-marriage Elizabeth A Hindmarsh/Tebbutt to Richard S McCaffery an architect. They died in Malaga Spain and are buried together. Headstone  Elizabeth McCaffery 2 February 1910 - 16 April 1984 and Richard S McCaffrey 24 October 1902 - 21 February 1988

You are correct it should be Henry Jemson Tebbutt. In the Hidden Years (John Luff) there is a house in Repulse Bay Road near "Overbay's"  called "Tebbutts House". He was born 4 July 1893 in B.A. Argentina.  He worked for the Shanghai-based Architectural firm - Davies, Brooke & Gran.

He is listed as Henry Jameson Tebbutt in the list of internees