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Tai Tam Police Station (?) [c.1919- ]

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c.1919-11-30 (Year is approximate)

I had no knowledge of this location. But it appeared on the War Office Map Tai Tam area, denoted by 'Police Sta.' Near Gauge Basin and the Tai Tam Bungalow


Anyone have any info on this? I have never seen any remenants of this site, nor heard of it before.



Could they have mis-printed pumping station?

It would be a very odd place to have a police post, let alone a station unless this was a WSD police/security post of some sort?

Not a police station that normally comes to mind. Had a quick glance through HKGRO. There is a mention of a Taitam Police Station and a Tytam Tuk Police Station in 1892 and 1934 respectively. Not sure if they were the same police station.

It's the red brick, single storey building that lies a few meters off and to the right of the road as it climbs the hill from Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir, just before it reaches the Byewash Reservoir.

I've nudged the marker a short distance north-west so it's over the building on the old map:


Saw that building today. There is a sign that says building is from 1920s and they believe it was a police station. But why would there be a police station in this location? And what is that weird low building next to It?