Photos of Johnston's House / Heard & Co / Beaconsfield [1843-1916] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Photos of Johnston's House / Heard & Co / Beaconsfield [1843-1916]

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1857: View over Central by Marciano A. Baptista

1857: St. John's Cathedral

1860: St. John's Cathedral

1860: View towards the Peak from Central

1860: View of Government Hill in Hong Kong

1860: Panorama of Hong Kong from Government House, showing the Fleet for North China Expedition

1865: St. John church and Augustine Heard & Co.

1865: Murray Barracks and St. John's Cathedral

1869: St. John's Cathedral

1870: 1 Battery Path

1870: St. John's Cathedral and Former French Mission Building

1870: View from Headquarters

1875: St. John's Cathedral from former French Mission Building

1875: Murray Parade Ground mid 1870's

1875: Vol3.Fig-6.14

1876: 1876 Sale of Inland Lot No. 82 - Augustine Heard & Co. Building

1879: Panorama from above Conduit Road

1880: Cricket pitch

1880: Cricket Club Pavillion

1902: Pg.87: Trappings of Authority

1908: Murray Parade Ground

1910: 1910s Hong Kong Cricket Club Pavilion (2nd Location)

: Dome next to Johnston Building.jpg