Proclamation of George V to the Throne - Cricket Ground -1910

Fri, 12/01/2023 - 12:46

Following King Edward VII’s death on 6th May 1910, official Proclamation ceremonies announcing the assumption to the throne of King George V were held around the British Empire between the period 9th-17th May. Hong Kong with fast “modern” telegraphic services in place between London and Hong Kong was among the first overseas British territories to formally conduct the official proclamation. At 5pm on 9th May the ceremony was conducted at the Cricket Ground attended by all of Hong Kong’s senior officials, business leaders and other glitterati with thousands more onlookers outside the ground. The Proclamation, in the absence from Hong Kong of the Governor (Sir Frederick Lugard) was announced by the Officer Administering the Government, Sir Francis Henry May.    

For an account of this ceremony see the Hongkong Telegraph ( special Mail Supplement) published on 13th May 1910. ( go to page 12 using arrows )

Photo courtesy of the Royal Engineers Library, Chatham, Kent.


Date picture taken
9 May 1910