St. John's Cathedral

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 21:45

Dated by opening of City Hall (still in scaffolding)

Date picture taken


This photo shows work being done on the roof of the East Chancery of St John's Cathedral. According to "Imperial to International: A History of St. John's Cathedral Hong Kong", the foundation stone of the east chancery was laid in 1869 and it was completed in late 1872. Can't tell if the work being done in the photo is part of the initial construction or later repairs. The east chancery looks to be almost complete in the photo, but they may have worked on the principle of getting the walls up and the roof on as quickly as possible, and then took their time to do the inside. If so, the photo could have been taken before 1872, but not much before. I'd say the earliest this photo could have been taken was 1871.