Panorama from above Conduit Road

Fri, 08/19/2016 - 23:12

It was taken from above Conduit Road, roughly where Cliff View Mansions is today

My guess for photographer is either John Thomson or Lai Afong. 

I believe the source is the UK national Archives

Please comment with any corrections for the below buildings. 

View from TST at the same time is here:

Key for Photo

aa Marlingford and Cringleford behind
ab Burnside under construction
ac Fernside
ad The 'conduit' under Conduit road from Pok Fu Lam reservoir 
ae ?
af The Hut
ag The Den
ah The Castle
ai Wilderness?
aj Seymour Terrace West Block
ak Lower Seymour Terrace
al Hillier Street above - unsure what this building is
am Woodland Villa
an Seymour Terrace East Block
ao Building on Castle Terrace location 
ap Lower Mosque Terrace
aq Middle Mosque Terrace
ar Upper Mosque Terrace
as ? - At end of Gilman Street on Des Voeux Road
at P& O Building 2nd Generation (Central Market to right) 
au Union Church
av No. 9 Police Station, Caine Road 
aw Douglas Villa
ax Alexander Terrace
ay Roman Catholic Cathedral
az Victoria Gaol Complex

ba Spanish Pracator(sp?) 
bb Top of Shelly Street
bc Jardine Building 1st Central Generation 
bd Hong Kong Hotel & Peddar Street Clock tower
be Dent & Co Building
bf Club Germania
bg 8 Chancery Lane
bh 5 Chancery Lane
bi Buxley Lodge (2nd Generation)
bj On Hing Terrace Building
bk Mosque (1st Generation) 
bl Italian Convent
bm Rose Hill
bn Mosque Street/Junction Terraces 
bo Glenealy
bp St. Paul's College
bq City Hall
br St John's Cathedral
bs Government House (1st Generation)
bt College Gardens
bu Site of St. Joseph's College Building - just starting construction?
bv Stonehenge
bw Richmond House, Robinson Road
bx Rocklands
by Robinson Road
bz Telegraph Station 'White Fort

ca Swimming Baths
cb North Barracks
cc Court of Final Appeal A Heard building.
cd Murray Building - Murray Barracks are behind St. John's Tower
ce Blue Buildings
cf East Point
cg Kellet Island
ch Royal Naval Hospital
ci Chief Justices House
cj 1-4 Morrison Hill
ck Water Police Station
cl Naval Dockyards Kowloon

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The source are the UK National Archives. The panorama is posted on Flickr in three separate sheets, starting here.