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New on Gwulo: 2018, week 26

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  • Mavis Gock MING [1916-2008], daughter of Chinese father and Australian mother. Moved to Hong Kong in 1939 and involved with Women's League of Health and International Women's Club. Escaped into China in 1942, where she worked for the British Embassy until 1944.
  • Chung Wan LO [????-????], compradore of the Netherlands Trading Society.
  • Michael Constantin YATSKIN [1907-1965], born in Russia then moved to Harbin, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Studied at HKU. POW at Shamshuipo. Saved the Lei Cheng Uk tomb.
  • Cecil Henry DALTON (aka Jim) [1903-1966], ex RASC, involved with running The Sportsman's Arms in TST, died in HK in 1966.
  • William Nuttall, a sergeant in the Naval Yard Police in the 1880s
  • Louis O'Mahony, chancellor at the French consulate, died in HK in 1866.
  • Can anyone identify the man in this sketch? 
    • Welsh, Major (possibly)
      Welsh, Major (possibly), by Briony Widdis


Our daughters have just finished their school year, so we'll be away on our summer holidays shortly. I'll be checking in here regularly, but won't be posting as often over the next few weeks. If you've been thinking about sharing any photos or other information, now would be a great time to add them to the Gwulo website.


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1920s Garden Road
1920s Garden Road, by eternal1966e


Sha Tin 1957.
Sha Tin 1957., by Bryan Panter


Climbing Lion Rock 1957
Climbing Lion Rock 1957, by Bryan Panter


Victoria's Peak in the clouds over Hong Kong Island
Victoria's Peak in the clouds over Hong Kong Island, by philjanerhodes


Jardine's New Year 1956
Jardine's New Year 1956, by deborahpovey


Pooi Sun English College - Sham Shui Po (1965)
Pooi Sun English College - Sham Shui Po (1965), by OldTimer


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