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Cecil Henry DALTON (aka Jim) [1903-1966]

Cecil Henry
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Birthplace (town, state): 
Islington, London
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Cause of death: 
coronary occlusion

I am looking for info about my father, Cecil Henry Dalton, a former major with the Royal Army Service Corps, who was demobbed in 1953. It was only through a chance discovery on the internet, two years ago, that I discovered that he had died in 1966 in Hong Kong, where he is buried in Happy Valley cemetery. He had been stationed in Hong Kong for the last years of his military service but returned there after being demobbed, to live as a civilian. I sent for his death certificate which led to new discoveries thanks to the archives of the South China Morning Post. At one point my dad co-owned or co-managed a pub called The Sportsman’s Arms on Cornwall Avenue, near to the old Astor Hotel. (Someone has posted an old business card from this pub on Gwulo!)

I also discovered that the year after he left us, my father came up before the magistrate in Kowloon for failing to support his wife (not my mum!) and their infant son who lived in Sheffield. In the court report, his address was given as Diamond Farm, Diamond Hill.

My father has been a big mystery to me for most of my life and I would love to find out more about him, the area where he lived, the ‘European-style’ pub that he ran with a married couple called the Eagers, and the surrounding area, and any info about expat life in Hong Kong at that time, especially for someone who had been a military veteran. Might there have been clubs for former servicemen, or organisations which gave support to elderly or infirm ex-soldiers who had fallen on hard times? In the photograph on his grave my father appears to be least partly blind and there is no mention on his headstone of a loving wife or family, but presumably someone paid for his funeral? 


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