Welsh, Major (possibly)

Wed, 06/20/2018 - 16:22

I am wondering whether anyone recognises this lovely face? I found it amongst the possessions of my grandparents, Douglas and Ann Crozier, and think it may have been sketched in Hong Kong during their lives there between 1930 and 1961. A friend, who grew up in Hong Kong between 1942 and the 1970s, has said, "He looks a bit like Major Welsh, who was stationed in Hong Kong; our family became friends with his family when both sets of parents were meeting their respective children off the "school plane" at Kai Tak." 

I do not know who it is by, but they had a lot of paintings by Sue Angus, the Australian wife of Herbert ("Ginger") Angus, so she is a possibility. 

I would welcome any suggestions about the identities of the subject, or the artist. 

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