Victoria's Peak in the clouds over Hong Kong Island

Wed, 06/20/2018 - 17:52

On Flickr attributed to Queensway, but I'm quite sure that this is Harcourt Road. The right hand building should be the red cross headquarters.  Wikipedia says: 1965 Inauguration of the Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters at Harcourt Road.  I created a place for it.

Left are the Nissen Huts of the Hong Kong Flotilla. 

Similar view is this one:

1968 Naval Dockyard (HMS Tamar), by eternal1966e
Date picture taken
1 Oct 1967
Shows street


Hi There,

It is Harcourt Road alright.  The flyover is nowhere to be seen.  I found the flyover was opened for traffic in April 1966, thus this may be further back a bit.

On the other hand, I believe the HQ of The Red Cross is already moved to West Kowloon.  Just don't know if they have already knocked the old block down yet.


Hi T,

Thank you, you're right, the new Red Cross HQ (now in Kowloon) started its operation in September, 2015. The old building seems to be demolished, although it still appears on Google street map. That's why I thought it was still existing, but then I found out that street view is from August 2011 ! When you move street view to Harcourt Road, there is an image fom January 2017 showing a new building complex. 

So I will set the demolition date to end of 2015.

Regards, Klaus

Well the Red Cross building absolutely was still there at the time of the Occupy Movement in September/October 2014, and it was the main first aid base during the period where the police got a little over-excited in their use of tear gas (I know, I was there). I haven't been past recently (it was so much nicer when one could walk along Harcourt Road!) but I guess your assumption is approximately correct.