Typhoons in Hong Kong

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A timeline of Typhoons that have hit Hong Kong over the years, with links to photos and other information available on Gwulo.

Events on this timeline:

Year Details
1874 1874 Typhoon
HOPIC 2 Fig 30.jpg

Max wind speed: 
Deaths: 2,000+ (source, see p.74)

Contemporary reports of the typhoon:

1900 Typhoon November 9th-10th 1900


41. The following is a copy of the report on the damaging typhoon which occurred on the night of November 9th-10th :


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1906 1906 Typhoon
Jebsen & Co. Godown at West Point after the 1906 Typhoon

Max wind speed: 
Deaths: about 15,000


1923 1923 Typhoon
1923 Typhoon Tram Damage

Max wind speed: 
Deaths: 100


1927 1927 Typhoon
1927 Typhoon - Motorcar Garage

Max wind speed: 98 km/h , gusts 187 km/h

Deaths: 15

Injured: 22

Source: http://www.hko.gov.hk/publica/… read more

1930 1930 Typhoon

Max wind speed: ?
Deaths: ?

David has asked me to resurrect the photo of the damage to the house of my uncle, Leslie Warren and his family at 19 Broadwood Road caused by the… read more

1936 1936 Typhoon
Typhoon-Beached ship

Max wind speed: 115 km/h , gusts 210 km/h

Deaths: 20

Injured: 179

Vessels damaged or destroyed

Ocean going: 22

Fishing boats: about 40

Some buildings… read more

1937 1937 Typhoon
1937 Typhoon's Toll Document

Max wind speed: gust of 130 knots
Deaths: about 11,000


  • Wind speed from table 2.5 and deaths from Table 2.6 in … read more
1946 1946 Typhoon

Maximum Gust: 95 knots (176 km/h)
Deaths: unknown

The disaster-struck areas were concentrated on Hong Kong Island: Wan Chai, Sai Ying Pun and Des Voeux Road West.

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1957 1957 Typhoon Wendy
Typhoon  Wendy 1957.
1957 1957 Typhoon Gloria
wreck a.

Notes from HK Observatory:

Typhoon Gloria in September moved first to the west-northwest, and then turned… read more

1960 1960 Typhoon Mary

Max wind speed: 103 knots
​Deaths: 45


1962 1962 Typhoon Wanda
RAF Shatin-aftermath of Typhoon Wanda-1962

Max wind speed: 140 knots

Source: The Observatory's article Typhoon Wanda, August 27 to September 2, 1962… read more

1964 1964 Typhoon Ruby

Max wind speed at the Observatory: 122 knots (a stronger gust was recorded at Tate's Cairn)
Deaths: 38


1971 1971 Typhoon Rose

Max. windspeed: 220 km/h (140 mph)

Deaths: 110, among these 88 people on the sunken ferry boat SS Fat Shan.

Rainfall on August 17: 288.1 mm

The daily total rainfall of 288.1… read more

1979 1979 Typhoon Hope
damaged star ferry pier after typhoon hope

Mean maximum average wind speed 38 knots (70km/h), maximum gusts 94 knots (174 km/h). 14 people were killed and 260 injured. 29 ocean-going vessels and 374 fishing boats were damaged or destroyed… read more

1983 1983 Typhoon Ellen
1983 - shipwreck following Typhoon Ellen

Max wind speed: 134 knots
Deaths: 10


2017 2017 Typhoon Hato
Typhoon Hato hits Lei Yue Mun

There were over 5,300 reports of fallen trees, many incidents of falling objects, one report of landslide as well as a number of flooding reports. Two police officers were hit on the head by… read more