1913 Typhoon (not among the strongest as the HKO list)

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   Blake Pier during 1913 Typhoon

I remember this photo from first sight for it is dramatic and vivid, with the first generation Blake Pier (1900-1965).

My first attempt to use this Event feature, to add in this small piece of info.

Apparently, it is related to another post named Barometer Card ... in 1923.


I could not find further information to cross check the stated year 1913 and actual date in August yet. It is not listed in below link shared by gwulo.com before. Incidentally, it is also dated 'August 17' as the 1923 Typhoon.


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Extract from the Observatory's Annual Report for 1913:

Typhoons.—A typhoon passed within 50 miles to the south of the Observatory at about 11 am. on August 17, when the barometer fell to 29.316 inches, and the wind attained a mean velocity of 86 m.p.h., as recorded by the Beckley Anemograph. A squall at the rate of 105 m.p.h. was recorded by the Dines Anemograph at 11:36 a.m. This storm was travelling at the rate of 21 miles per hour when passing Hongkong. A second typhoon passed within 100 miles to the north of the Observatory in the early morning of September 19, the barometer falling to 29.279 inches at 1 a.m. The maximum wind velocity for one hour, as recorded by the Beckley Anemograph, was 56 miles at 1:00 a.m., and the maximum squall velocity, as recorded by the Dines Anemograph, 70 miles at 1:15 a.m. 4 inches of rain fell in the first typhoon and 6 inches in the second. Owing to their short duration, comparatively little damage was done by either storm, though in the second a certain amount of unlooked-for damage was caused on account of its unusual track, and the consequent strong winds from westward instead of from eastward.

The tracks of 14 typhoons and 8 of the principal depressions which occurred in, the Far East, in the year 1913, are shown on two plates in the Monthly Meteorological Bulletin for December.