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Waichow Intelligence Summary #26, 7 Apr 1943

Date(s) of events described: 
Wed, 7 Apr 1943


Further to W.I.S. No.24, 23 Mar 43, 19, 61 and 99 confirm that GRAYBURN (the former source says STREATFIELD also) is at the Gendarmerie H.Q., Ventris Road, Happy Valley, whither he was taken on 17 Mar 43. No visitors are allowed and a boy, sent by LADY GRAYBURN with clothes for her husband, was not allowed to hand them to him personally.

Dr. TALBOT is said (source 19) to have been out of STANLEY to undergo an operation about a month ago at the FRENCH HOSPITAL and M.Y. 3,000 with which he was caught are said to have been left for British Internees by American repatriates last year.

A second possible reason for GRAYBURN's detention was suggested by 60 who sais an unsigned HK$500 note (ofa a type?) not yet in circulation had been found and brought back from Free China.

The rest of the Bank staff remain free but are watched.

Everyone entering the Bank must now state his business and leave his name and address.


Reference W.I.S. No.16, 14 Jan 43 -

"PREST" now PRESS. This is S. P. WONG (J.P.) uncle of FIG No.46 who used to help 46 in his work. When his nephew died S.P. WONG apparently sent a letter stating that he would continue to help through 19 and gave his nom-de-plume.

This message together with some maps were unfortunately lost when 48, 77 etc. were killed.


In a note dated 24 Mar 43 MONAGHAN states the Norwegians are definately interned.


Preston Wong was a Co-optee of his youthful cousin, William WONG Kwong-sheung (BAAG No.46) of Group B.  Preston Wong was an Assistant Principal of St. Paul's College and a Police Reservist.  

William Wong (46) was a key member of Group B.  He was amongst the first to be arrested.  His family later alleged that he died from his torutre on his way to Wai Chow upon release.  Preston Wong stepped into William Wong's shoes voluntarily and started reporting to AHQ directly, indentifying himself as "PREST".  AHQ was not aware of him when first receiving his reports.  Preston Wong was also arrested and executed.

Group B also consisted of Tsang Tak-hing (48), Joseph Tsang Yiu-sang (19), Chan Kwok-kwong (77), Chan Yeung (25), and their Co-optees; reporting directly to Paul Tsui (65) at AHQ Wai Chow.  Group B initiated contacts with Shamshuipo Camp using a ration delivery bus and its driver.  Contacts eventually reached Argyle & Matauchung camps.  After the demise of Group B, contacts with the camps were taken over by another outstanding group under Lui Ka-yin (No.68).  

Group B, based in Shaukeiwan acquired a sampan and a small junk which was used for cross-harbour and escape. Bankers Fenwick & Morrison were facilitated by them along this route while escorted by No.64 Sgt Lo Hung-sui.

Chan Kwok-kwong (77) of Group B penetrated the Bowen Rd former BMH. Chan Yeung (No.25) used Post Z in Shamshuipo as a communication point.  Post Z was the Kwong Hang Store at Portland St set up jointly by the BAAG & the Kong Kau Guerrillas.  it was operated by the family of Raymond Wong Chok-mui (No.99) of the Guerrilla International Liaison Group.  

Using two Indian Policemen as Co-optees, No.19 also made contacts with the Indians at Ma Tau Chung and was approaching Capt Ansari.  It was about to combine effort with Agent 60 George Kotwall & his Group vis a vis Ansari when they were all purged by the Kempatei. The Group was largely decimated in the early summer of 1943 when Post Y was also raided.  Residual members of Group B later reformed into another group (probably Group L) based in Taipo Tzi, Saikung.

Hi Lawrence, Please do you know the present-day address for Post Z? I'll make a Place for it to show its location on a map.

Regards, David

I only know that Post Z Kwong Hang Stall was on Portland Street near Yen Chow Street.  I've not been able to identify the exact location or house number.  None of the legends written on the Guerrilas and the shop mention the exact location.  

One person who might remember is Wong Chok-choi who is living in HK.  He is the younger brother of Raymond Wong Chok-mui (No.99) who was the chief liaison officer of the Red Guerrillas with the BAAG. Post Z was set up under a pseudo-name of Raymond Wong.  As a teenager, Wong Chok-choi worked at the shop as a shop assistant.  His father & elder sister also worked there.  He was arrested when Post Z was raided, and detained for a few days at the Supreme Court before being released. He claimed to have met Selwyn-Clarke & some other BAAG agents while detained.  After he was released and Post Z came to an end, he was called to work with the Red Guerrillas north of the border where Raymond Wong was active.  

BTW, Raymond Wong MBE (No.99) perished with others in the bombing of Air India flight Kashmier over the sea near Indonesia early in 1955.  It was an assassination attempt against Premier Zhou Enlai who was tipped off not to take the flight.  I have been in contact with Raymond Wong's wife who is living in Beijing and his son in HK.  However, they were not any more knowlegeable since the marriage happened after the War.  Raymond Wong's eldest sister may know although she is very hard of hearing when I met her several years ago.

Wong Chok-choi worked at the NCNA-HK aftet the War. He has since retired and has been keen to write legends about the Red Guerrillas.  He is still living and well in Hong Kong. 

Thanks Lawrence, I've made an Place for it at the approximate location (see http://gwulo.com/node/17909), and we can update it if more information becomes available.

Regards, David