1960s "See Hong Kong" Postcard

Wed, 05/24/2023 - 22:38

A nostalgic view of Central, Kowloon and Victoria Harbour on a hot sunny day. 

Date picture taken


The image was taken from the top of Clovelly Path, which is next to the May Road bridge over the Peak Tram.
Prince's Building and St John's are complete.
The Hong Kong Club extension has been demolished, but there's no sign of Sutherland House.
Cotton Tree Drive isn't complete, and I'm not sure if Ocean terminal is complete.
I'd say that's 1965, and "if" that's a sign on top of the bank of China, then I suspect it's October.

Thanks. I think far left Realty Building is under construction. That may make it late 1965 to early 1966. Ocean Terminal does not appear to be complete.