Old Toby Bar

Fri, 05/19/2023 - 21:29

This was a 35mm slide scan. The camera used was most likely my dad's Roeliflex 4x4 camera.

Peter McCormack was on leave from the US Army, my best guess is 1965-68. As he served in Vietnam for three years. 

I know some may be able to pinpoint exact years based on what's seen, signs cars. That would be nice to know. I have about a hundred slides of old Hong Kong to scan.

Date picture taken


Interesting to view the China Night Bar between the Old Toby and Tokyo Bars as there was another establishment with the same name here in North Point. The latter operated as a bar as well as a restaurant and nightclub.

I have a created a place location for the China Night Bar in Wanchai.

Thanks for sharing your father's photo. I've made a new gallery, 1960s Peter McCormack's photos, that you can use to group future photos together.

A clue to the camera used will be the shape of the image inside the slide mount: a 4x4 made a "Super-Slide" with the image a square 38x38mm, while the image from a regular 35mm camera was 34 x 23mm. (Source: https://casualphotophile.com/2020/08/05/the-sawyers-mark-iv-a-miniature…)