Seymour Terrace [1855-1993]

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Very early days

Having become important property owners, a  number of David Sassoon's descendants transformed premises they owned into places of worship.  In 1860, his son, Arthur David Sassoon, made one of the house he owned in Seymour Terrace available for religious services.

Later place(s) at this location

Photos that show this Place


1885      1  Seymour Terrace        Coxon, Mrs. A.
1885      3  Seymour Terrace        Ackroyd, Mrs.  & the Peak
1885      4  Seymour Terrace        Malsch, Mrs. C. R.
1885      5  Seymour Terrace        Wright Mrs. G. H. B.
1884      6  Seymour Terrace        Burnie Mrs E.
1888      6  Seymour Terrace        Ede, Mrs.  & the Peak
1888      8  Seymour Terrace        Anton, Mrs. R & the Peak
1885    10  Seymour Terrace        Bain, Mrs. G. M.
1885    13  Seymour Terrace        Young, Mrs.M.
1885          Seymour Terrace        Gace, Mrs.
1884          Seymour Terrace        Bird, Mrs. S. G.

1894       8  Seymour Terrace        Hance, Mrs
1894     10  Seymour Terrace        Ezekiel, Mrs.

From "Directory and Chronicle ... "  for the listed years.

1895       1  Seymour Terrace        Ho Tung


Mitchell, E.W. (HONGKONG), Wine and Spirit Merchant; b., 1855. Educ." Uppingham.  Came to China in spring 1878.  Recreations: Amateur theatricals, one of foremost supporters of A.D.C.; cricket.  Address: 1 Seymour Terrace, Hong kong (home of Louisa and Atwell Coxon, who were also keen on acting)


LI Chung Ching, J.P. Manager and Engineer; 1 Seymour Terrace, Hongkong. Married 1921; Educ. Primary and Secondary, Diocesan Boys' School, St. Paul's College and St. Stephen's Boys' College; University of ...