Lower Mosque Terrace [????-????]

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The middle building of three terraced buildings built on the hillside between Caine and Robinson Road. Street address was Lower Mosque Terrace.

Lower Building here 

Upper Building here

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There were three Mosque Terraces buildings in total

Upper Building: Street address is Upper Mosque Terrace (partly on IL 585 and 504)

Middle Mosque Terrace Building: Street address is Lower Mosque Terrace

Lower Mosque Terrace Building, place here : I am unsure of this street address. There is no number on Caine Road for it, perhaps it was a Peel Street address?

Both the middle and lower buildings were on Lot 504, the top one was mainly on 585 with part being on 504

I don't quite understand. The upper Terrace was named Upper Mosque Terrace. The middle set of buildings was named Lower Mosque Terrace. We do not know what the lowest buildings names were. It seems that the lowest buildings should have some vague name assigned to them and the actual developments should have those names they were known by in the place titles.

Looking at an 1897 map of the area I see there is a strip of land bounded by Caine Street at north, Peel Street at east, and Seymour Road at south. On that strip of land I see:

At north is 22 Caine Road.

Next south / uphill is "Mosque Terrace (Lower)", consisting of four buildings, numbered 1 - 4.

Next south / uphill is "Mosque Terrace (Upper)", consisting of six buildings, numbered 5-10.

The top level, just below Seymour Road is Lena Cottage (#1), then numbers 3 and 5 Seymour Road.

You can see the same layout (though different street numbers) on the 1909 map: http://gwulo.com/node/19087#18/22.28126/114.15099/Map_by_ESRI-1909_HK-M…

I believe there were only two rows of buildings in the "Mosque Terraces", not three.

Any clearer, or is that just confusing things more?

Regards, David

On the 1888 and 1909 there are three buildings shown with 'Mosque Terraces' next ot it. However its not clear whether this label just refers to the upper two terraces or all three. I went with all three as they are the only outlined buildings in the area. The building are similar architecturally in an 1880's photo which makes me think they are part of the same development but I have no firm evidence for this.    

According to this the lower building was never No 22 Caine Road, which was further along the street.  perhaps no. 22 Peel Street? I can't read the number on the 1901 Map.

Happy to go with whatever you feel is best for the naming. Perhaps?

Upper Mosque Terrace

Lower Mosque Terrace

19th Century building South West of Caine/Peel Street Junction

The lowest building had been redeveloped into flats by the 1920s

I've updated the names as suggested, and also deleted a fourth "Mosque Terraces" page I'd made that is no longer needed.

> According to this the lower building was never No 22 Caine Road, which
> was further along the street.  perhaps no. 22 Peel Street? I can't read the
> number on the 1901 Map.

I think I've found a mistake in the South side Caine Road numbers that explains this. We've currently got them listed (east to west) like this:

  • 64 - IL1405 - Old Police Station
  • 66 - IL1405
  • 68 - IL604 & 504
  • 80

But the Old Police Station on IL1405 was on the east of Peel Street, and IL604 & 504 were on the west of Peel Street. So we end up with:

  • 64 - IL1405 - Old Police Station
  • 66 - IL1405
  • 68 - IL604 & 504
  • 80

That puts the lowest building (today's #68) at 22 Caine Road in the pre-June 1898 numbering, which matches the 1897 map.

Regards, David

Technically there is no 68 Caine Road today, I assumed No 66 had swallowed it up as it is double the size of a usual tenement building. I've checked the Gazettes and how I have it written is correct but its possible that the Gazette itself is wrong as your explanation makes more sense. Having looked at a few more photos of the mosque terrace buildings the one on Caine road is of a slightly different style and looks much older, its likely that the building at 22 Caine was the original Dr Harland House and that the mosque terraces were built in the 1860's on the house's garden.