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Mount Austin Mansions [????-????]

Martin Booth's residence up on the Peak (his family was in Block A).

Today's google map shows the area is now known as 'The Mount Austin', and consists of several house, blocks of flats, and a clubhouse. If you want to relive Booth's time on the Peak, I see a 1200 sq. ft. flat in the development is available to rent for $55K a month.

It must be a new development, as my 1999 street map still shows the four blocks A-D of Mount Austin Mansions.

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Rifle range on the Peak: The Butts [????- ]

Martin Booth mentions this range a couple of times, as part of his walk along Harlech Road:

[...] passing a waterfall, and arriving at the place where the soldiers lay down to shoot across a valley at the butts.

You can still see the butts area today.

Shek O Country Club and Golf Course [????- ]

Peng Chau [????- ]

Mentioned in passing because Booth needed to catch a sampan from Peng Chau over to

Hei Ling Chau [????- ]

Hei Ling Chau is the site of the former leper colony. Booth and family went to the island to attend a fund raising event.

Sunshine Island (Chow Kung To) [????- ]

This is where Booth and family went to help out the Christian missionary. The Borgeests' farmland was supposedly in the valley.

Helena May Institute [1916- ]

Date Place completed: 

AnneliseC notes it opened on 12 Sep 1916.

The appearance has changed several times since then, as the building has been extended. You can follow the changes in this animation.

As you can see the building is still there and fully utilised

Pinewood Battery [1905- ]

Date Place completed: 
c.1905-11-01 (Day is approximate)

Year Completed is: Accurate

Condition at last visit: Ruin

Date of last visit: Nov-2014

Ref: ROB - 00144

Other: See comments at end of Timeline.


Smithfield Cattle Depot (abattoir until 1961) [????- ]

Now closed, it has been earmarked as the location for the Kennedy Town MTR station when the ISland Line is extended.

Government House (2nd & current generation) [1944- ]

Date Place completed: 
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