Kowloon Junior School

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 19:53

Photo courtesy of the Booth family

Date picture taken


I've set the date to 1953 - a guess, as it could be 1952 or 1953. In his book Booth tells us he arrived in HK in 1952, and attended KJS. In 1953 the family moved to the Peak, and he attended the Peak School. He left Hong Kong in 1955. 

We too lived on The Peak. Not at the top but half up again from the Embassy where my sister at age 5 wangled her way in to have tea with Princess Margaret. Before the Peak we lived in Kowloon but i was sure i started school in Hong Kong. Then i see these square-cut necks on the girl's uniforms and i wonder. I have a photo of myself at about 8 (1961) and by then i am for certain in HongKong. Still, obviously there would be similarities in the uniforms. White, cool cotton.

I came to Hong Kong with my family in 1955. Father taught at school on Victoria Island. 

I went to the army junior school off the bottom end of Nathan Road and we lived in a flat in Cherry Hill Lodge,(once a mandarin's mansion I believe) Homantin.

I do have pictures to show of children living at Cherry hill. I remember birthday parties and the moon gates on the roof. Does anyone have pictures to share?