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Everything tagged "golden boy"

La Salle College (1st generation) [1932-1978]

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Man Mo Temple [1847- ]

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Stone chair-shelter / Peak Cafe / The Peak Lookout [1901- ]

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Green Island [????- ]

Rifle range on the Peak: The shooting platform [????- ]

Martin Booth mentions this range a couple of times, as part of his walk along Harlech Road:

[...] passing a waterfall, and arriving at the place where the soldiers lay down to shoot across a valley at the butts.

I'm not 100% sure where the shooting platform was, but I'll guess it's here for a couple of reasons:

Murder at the Peak

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 
Newspaper clipping from the China Mail, via HK Public Library website.

Muslim cemetery, Kowloon [????- ]

You can see this on the 1949 map, marked 'Mohammedan cemetery'. It must have been cleared since then though, as now it is the site of several buildings.

Booth found the skeleton of a snake there, and notes the unusual shape of the graves. He was given the following explanation by one of the staff at the Fourseas Hotel:

Stonecutters Island [????- ]

Lantau Peak [????- ]

Ngong Ping East Gate [????- ]

This is possibly the stone pai lau described by Booth. The position on this path is approximate.


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