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Everything tagged "golden boy"

Po Lin Monastery [????- ]

Tung Chung Fort [1832- ]

Date Place completed: 

Ngong Ping [????- ]

Ma Wan Chung [????- ]

Another small village situated next door to Tung Chung. No doubt to be absorbed into Tung Chung as the latter continues to expand.

Tung Chung [????- ]

The starting point of the 'Hike to Buddha' taken by Booth and his family. At the time a small fishing village.

Hankow Road [????- ]

Former Kowloon / Terminus Firestation [1920- ]

Date Place completed: 

Currently being redeveloped along with the Former Marine Police HQ.

Kowloon Park - former site of Whitfield Barracks [????- ]

This place was around until 1970, when it was then developed into Kowloon Park. Some of the original barrack buildings, built in 1910, remain and have varied uses: The Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre (housed in two former barrack blocks) and Health Education Exhibition and Resources Centre.

HSBC Headquarters Building (3rd generation) [1935-1984]

Date Place completed: 
Date Place demolished: 

Views of Central from the harbour in the 1950s were dominated by the buildings of the HSBC Bank (on the right) and the Bank of China:

Shek O Village [????- ]

Martin Booth: "On a stubby headland was a small village and some low houses ..."

Here's how it looked in the 1950s:

1950s Shek O


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