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Edward George BURKE [1863-????]

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According to Carl Smith Card 00086365GIF Edward George Burke married Maria Luisa Moore, widow of Jacobus (James) Moore at St. Joseph's Church on 11 February 1893. Carl Smith mysteriously adds "here on ship", so I don't know if the couple were married on board ship and that the marriage was later formalised at St Joseph's Church. I believe that Maria (Mary) may have been the mother of Annie Louisa Moore Burke who married John Olson jnr., my grandmother's half-brother and that Edward may therefore have been her step-father. Edward Burke's parents were Edward and Emilia Dyer of Dublin.

Henry Arthur BLAKE [1840-1918]

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Sir Henry Arthur Blake

He was:

  • 46th Governor of The Bahamas (1884 – 1887)
  • 55th Governor of Newfoundland (1887 – December 1888)

  • 65th Governor of Jamaica (3 December 1888 – 1898)

  • 12th Governor of Hong Kong (25 November 1898 – 21 November 1903)

  • 19th Governor of British Ceylon (3 December 1903 – 11 July 1907)

Rupert LONSDALE [1905-1999]

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Rupert Lonsdale, later Canon Lonsdale, was one of the officers who served on HM Submarine L3 in the 4th Submarine Flotilla on the China Station in 1928-29, having first served on the X1 in 1927. In May 1939 he came back to the China Sea in command of Seal a Grampus class submarine, but returned to the North Sea patrol. Seal was given the task of laying a minefield in Kattegat, but was bombed by a Heinkel. Diving to evade e-boats Seal hit a newly laid minefield and was damaged.

Thomas CASHMAN [1874-1951]

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Notes from 1314:

Thomas senior - Born Cork  18.2.1874  enlisted as PC 6 on 31.10.1898   Sgt by 1908  To pension as Inspector 1926, died 1951

And from annpake:

Carl Smith Card 88233

T Cashman retired from police in 1926 after 28 years service. Recruited IRC Department Dublin. Left with wife and 4 children 9 (all born in Hong Kong) to settle in Cork.