Edward George BURKE [1863-????]

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Edward George
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According to Carl Smith Card 00086365GIF Edward George Burke married Maria Luisa Moore, widow of Jacobus (James) Moore at St. Joseph's Church on 11 February 1893. Carl Smith mysteriously adds "here on ship", so I don't know if the couple were married on board ship and that the marriage was later formalised at St Joseph's Church. I believe that Maria (Mary) may have been the mother of Annie Louisa Moore Burke who married John Olson jnr., my grandmother's half-brother and that Edward may therefore have been her step-father. Edward Burke's parents were Edward and Emilia Dyer of Dublin.

Burke is given as the Timekeeper at the Taikoo Sugar Refinery in 1901 and 1902.

Two children of James Andrew and Mary Louisa Moore, Maria Anna and Jacobus (James William) are recorded on CS card no. 00127259GIF, born 9 June 1887 and 26 October 1890 respectively. Annie Louisa is said to have been born in 1889. Family memory records a Pat Moore as half-brother to Annie, so there is confusion here. However Catholic baptismal names were often changed if my own family is anything to go by.

I've been reviewing my old CS card printouts from pre-online days spent at the PRO. Edward Burke seems a more likely candidate for Annie Louisa Moore Burke's step-father than Edward Bourke, discounted in a previous thread, but the discrepancy between Olson family memory and Carl Smith's record of the names of Mary Louise's children is probably why I hesitated to step into the discussion before. Pat Moore could apparently never be traced.

Hopefully this isn't a complete red herring.

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Catholic parents typically named their children after the saint whose feast day fell close to the child's birth or baptismal date. So a boy born in early August, for example, might be named for Saint Dominik (Dominic), whose feast day is traditionally celebrated Aug. 4.

My grandmother had ten children and seven were sons including my father.. Every one of them was known by family and close friends by his middle name. Their forenames were the  Saint names.

Could this be a connection?

Probate Calendar

Edward George Burke of 54 Northumberland Avenue Kingston County Cork Ireland  died 22 August 1929. Probate to Edward Walter Burke bank Official and Janet Olive Maud Burke spinster

He would have been 66, so it's possible.  Charles Olson, the youngest of old John Olson's children seems to have gone to Ireland in search of a bride. It could well be that his sister-in-law's step-father, Edward Burke, still had connections there. It's all shrouded in mystery!