New on Gwulo: 2019, week 43

Submitted by David on Sun, 10/27/2019 - 18:00

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St Georges Building (1st Generation)
St Georges Building (1st Generation), by PaulO


Gloucester Building
Gloucester Building, by PaulO


Palace Theatre
Palace Theatre, by PaulO


Stonecutters Island Central Bty 1891.jpeg
Stonecutters Island Central Bty 1891, by UKNA


Tamar.jpeg, by Admiralty/War Department (ADM 1/27385)


Wedding at Cathedral 1939/1940
Wedding at Cathedral 1939/1940, by Raymond Smith


Chinese workers posing at the entrance to their mine
Chinese workers posing at the entrance to their mine, by Raymond Smith


Gordon Duff on HM Submarine L3.JPG
Gordon Duff on HM Submarine L3, by William Richmond Fell


Cheung Chau early 1930s
Cheung Chau early 1930s, by Raymond Smith


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Rob, is there any possibility of uploading a higher resolution image of the Stonecutter Island sketch map ?  Even on  full Zoom, the writing is blurred and impossible to read .

I also have the opinion that too many poor quality or  low resolution photo images are beginning to appear on the Gwulo site , possibly because posters are not restrained from uploading poor quality images. Also  advice on how to upload a minimim quality of resolution appears to be lacking or not clearly stated. The photograph of Madam Lau Tsung Tai above by "Amy" is an example . The copy of the original photo was taken with the camera out of focus.

I suggest that this site is "policed" and low quality images rejected.  If this would present too much work for  'Gwulo" he could invite volunteers to help with maintaining  minimum standards.