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Eric Thomas HARRIS [????-????]

Eric Thomas


No Eric Thomas Harris mentioned

Ronald Eric Harris 15 February 1942 Sapper Artillery

William E Harris 8 March 1942 L/AC Air Force

Albert Harris  then under his name [E Harris]  15 February 1942 Gunner Artillery

Albert Harris  then under his name [E Harris]  15 February 1942 Private

Edward E Harris 15 February 1942 Private Artillery

William E Harris  15 February 1942 Corporal Artillery





Hi Ann,

Thanks for investigating. I created this page after reading these two entries in Recollections of Ted Harris 1941-1945:

[...] I was later to learn that my brother, Eric Thomas and my brother-in-law Richard were to spent the rest of the war years in Sham Shui Po prisoner of war camp.

[...] My older brother, Eric, was taken a prisoner of war and spent those years imprisoned in Hong Kong’s Sham Shui Po p.o.w. camp It was in this prison that he contracted tuberculosis, from which he survived, but was ultimately to die from a heart attack in a Sydney street at 29 years of age - the end result of life in a prisoner of war camp.

I'd guessed that this man's name was Eric Thomas HARRIS, but it may have been Eric THOMAS if their mother had remarried? Or perhaps there is another explanation?

Regards, David