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George Beresford Edwin HARRIS [1909-1984]

George Beresford Edwin
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Richmond, Melbourne
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Name of my uncle Mother Peruvian but Father British nameed  John Walter Harris who was a Storesman in the Docks had three Sisters Estella Frida Phillis and a brother John

They were also in the Stanly camp

would be intresting to hear from anyone who knew them 

I know a George Harris who worked in the Marine Department after the war. Is this the same person? 

There was a George Beresford Edwin HARRIS in Stanley Camp with wife Violet HARRIS (nee Tsang)  and 8 children. He was a Lighthouse Keeper with the Harbour Dept.  Philip 

Sorry not the same

George died of Malnutrition in the camp

It's puzzling me because I can't see him (George Harris other than GBE Harris) on the Camp Log of internees or in Stanley Military Cemetery where internees who died in Camp were buried. I'm sure I must be doing something wrong! 

The middle name of the George Harris I know is Beresford which to me was rather an uncommon name. He and my father were colleagues. The George Harris I knew was married to a Chinese (?) lady by the name of Dolores (maybe pet name?) who, if my memory serves me right, was a nurse and they met in the hospital where he was staying after the war. They had 3 sons. George lived in Tsuen Wan for a quite a number of years after the war. The family emigrated to Australia where up to several years the wife was still living. 

Eddie: I have the details of GBE Harris and wife Violet Edith Harris (nee Tsang). They were in Stanley Camp with their eight children. He was a lighthouse keeper with the Harbour Dept. Philip

Maybe the person I know is the son of the GBE Harris who was interned in Stanley and subsequently died. The person I know, if he were alive today, would be close to 100. 

He was born in December 1909

Not the person I know. Amazing that there were two George Harrises who worked at the Marine Department (then Harbour Office) around that period. 

As an aside, I must say that Gwulo is a great website especially for those whose connections with Hong Kong go back a long time. 


There were four daughters and four sons as follows. 

Harris    (Miss) Pearl Daughter of GBE Harris 4-Jul-29
Harris   (Miss) Grace Daughter of GBE Harris 8-Mar-32
Harris    (Miss) Joyce Daughter of GBE Harris 17-May-34
Harris    (Miss) Evelyn Ann Daughter of GBE Harris 17-Jan-36
Harris Ronald  Son of GBE Harris 27-Jun-37
Harris Richard H Son of GBE Harris 15-Jan-39
Harris Frederick Son of GBE Harris 13-Jul-40
Harris William Bernard Son of GBE Harris - born in Camp 5-Aug-43

Hi Eddie yes he is the one am searching for. Could you give

me more info re George Beresford &Violet Harris in Stanley

interment camp.



Born 12 December 1909  and died 25 December 1984 and buried Macquarie Park Cemetery Sydney Australia

Ancestry Records

Violet Edith Tsang (1911-1945) Ancestry Tree Born 1911 Kowloon

Hello everybody. Does anyone know anything about their life in the Stanley Enterment Camp? Where did they stay and how many people in a unit? What did George do in the camp? How about the children what did they do?

there is also Anne Harris and Rose Harris in the camp. Where did they stay? Is there any work for women in the camp during the war?

I wanted to know how they lived in the camp?

what happened to the chinese men who married

an Australian were they allowed to stay with their wives

in the camp? How did the Japanese treat the prisoners?

hello Philip,

I am also doing a research of George and Violet’s

life in Stanley camp. What was George work when they were on the camp? What were the wives work aside ftom looking after their children? If you know George Harris would you please tell me more about  George. I am very interested

about his  life in the camp.



Judy:  I think they were originally billeted in Block 9 (St Stephen's College Main Building) but later moved to Block 14 which was one of the so-called Indian Quarters (IQ). They were a large family with 2 adults and 8 children. I don't have any more information other than their billeting, full names and date of birth etc. Block 12, 13 and 14 of the IQ still remain within the Stanley Prison compound. Philip

Hi Judy, you can find links to several descriptions of life in Stanley Camp at

Regards, David

Hi judy lm the grand daughter of George and violet harris. Their large family of 8 children were in Indian block. George was a cook that made congee for the block& grew their own veggies fertilized with their own waste. The family came out on the vindex where sadly violet died during childbirth with her 9th child in February 1946& is bury in Sydney.

Richard Harris is not on this list he was born on the 15 January 1939 and is still living

Extra info from Vicki:

... he was a light house keeper and engineer.

Yes he was stationed at waglan & a civil engineer