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The last building on the right next to the police station is F=Harbour hotel(華國酒店) at the Gloucester-Fleming junction. It was built in 1965, now is the Mormon church building (church of jesus christ of the latter-day saints).

harbour hotel 華國酒店.jpg
harbour hotel 華國酒店.jpg, by simtang


The building D has a sign "Asahi Pentax" on top. The relatively modern residential building city centre building 城市大廈 still exists today without the sign. Its year of occupancy was Sept 1966. By the way the 12 story small building at the center of the picture sanwiched between 2 old residential buildings  is Lok Go Building 樂高大廈.. It still exists today. The year of occupancy was Oct 1969.

asahi pentax.png
asahi pentax.png, by simtang

The connection is between a photo and a 'Place' page. If you look at the map for that area (https://gwulo.com/map-of-places#17/22.27916/114.17524/Map_by_ESRI-Marke…) you'll see there aren't any Place pages (shown by the markers) for those buildings yet, which is why the error is shown.

If you'd still like to connect those buildings you can create their Place pages first by following these steps: https://gwulo.com/node/17628

A 1970 jan map shows that reclamation was still not complete yet. There was a large pool of water in front of the pier.


1970 jan wanchai map.png
1970 jan wanchai map.png, by simtang


The pedestrian bridge connecting Tonnochy road and the reclaimed land was built around Aug 1970 when the Gloucester road was widened. The photo likely was taken sometime in late1970 after august.