AIA Building, Stubbs Road [1967-c.2019]

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Hi There,

It had been quite a few years since I last go up Stubbs Road.  Yesterday I found the building had already been demolished down to the ground level.  The carpark levels are still there though.  It would seem it was announced in 2018 for such redevelopment.


The AIA Building (first generation) was completed in 1969. Source: SCMP April 2019 here 

The 350 feet high AIA Building comprised five floors of parking and garage space, 22 floors of offices and a penthouse with dining rooms for staff and executives. It was Hong Kong's first column-free pre-stressed multi-storey structure. Probably the first prestige commercial block to be located away from the Central district. The February 1969 issue of the "Far East Builder" has more information on the design of the building. Architects were Palmer & Turner.