1910s Peak view

Wed, 01/13/2016 - 04:40

View on Victoria Gap with Peak Tram. In the center Barker Road is crossing. Interesting to see a pavillion in front of Glenshiel, and a building behind.

Date is set to 1920, could be later. Date changed to 1910s, see comments below.

Date picture taken


As the original Tram Station at Plantation/Barker Roads is still present, the pic was taken before its reno started in late-1918.

There's clear evidence of a contour path begining at Victoria Gap and snaking around to the right side of the photo -the route of Lugard Road, this section of which was built in 1913/14. It featured railings and lamp posts that I'd expect to be able to see in a photo of this quality, but cannot. The 1909 and 1912 maps both show an unnamed path already in existence, pre-dating Lugard Road, connecting Victoria Gap to the house called Bishops Lodge. So the photo was taken before Lugard Road was built, i.e. before 1913.

Findlay Road was built slightly earlier, starting in 1911 and completed in 1912. It ran from between the Peak Hotel and Peak Tram Upper Terminal, above and behind Ligoniel and featured retaining walls due to the risk of landslides. I can't see it in the photo, so assume it hadn't yet been built and the photo was taken in 1911 or earlier.

Many buildings constructed at the turn of the 1900's are seen. For example, the Second Chair Coolie Quarters was finished in April 1903, meaning the photo was taken later than that.

I reckon the photo was taken sometime between 1903 and 1911.

Agree with you about the time span.  When I posted this image I was new to Gwulo and didn't know many details.

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