Glenshiel (1st version) [c.1903-????]

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"Glenshiel" was built on RBL 95, just to the west of the Barker/Plantation Road Peak Tram Station.

1899. RBL 95 was put up for public auction by the Government on 15th March 1899, with a requirement to build a substantial building within 18 months (Government Notification 124/1899). I don't know the result of the auction.

1902. A house named "Glenshiel", but with the address of 4 MacDonnell Road, appears in the 1902 Ladies Directory, occupant Mrs. E.H. Hinds.

1904. The same Mrs. E.H. Hinds and her husband, were listed as residents of "Glenshiel" on Peak Road in both the 1904 Ladies and Peak Directories. The 1904 Peak Renumbering Exercise gave the address of "Glenshiel" as No.125 Plantation Road. As RBL 95 was situated close to both Peak and Plantation Roads, and the 1904 Renumbering Exercise was the first attempt at formalizing Peak addresses, it is probable that the "Glenshiel's" on Peak and Plantation Roads are one and the same. Nevertheless, it is strange that Mrs. Hinds would be living in a house named "Glenshiel" on MacDonnell Road in 1902, and another house of the same name on The Peak in 1904. Perhaps the Hinds had a strong attachment to the name, so transferred it when they moved house?

1924. On 1st Jan 1924 the address changed again, to 451 Barker Road (1924 Peak Renumbering Exercise).

Construction of "Glenshiel" on RBL 95 must have commenced sometime after 15th March 1899 (land auctioned) and was completed by early 1904 (publication of Peak & Ladies Directories). The building was replaced at some later date as pics taken in the 1980's show a significantly different structure on the site.

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